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Developed Area Vs Developing Area for Real Estate Investment

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What would you have chosen – a developing neighbourhood or a developed neighbourhood? Of course, it is a developed neighbourhood!

Whenever you start searching for your dream home, you look for the proximity to the road, metro, rail and air connectivity. A developing neighbourhood may lack all these but a developed neighbourhood already has all these facilities.

Sohna Road in Gurgaon is one such place, which is a home to some of the most elite housing projects, corporate parks and educational institutions. It is approximately around 7-8 km from the DLF Cyber Hub and 14 km from Delhi International Airport.

The nearest metro station is Huda City Centre, which directly connects to Delhi, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad. In near future, it has been also proposed that there will be an extension in metro connectivity from IFFCO Chowk to Manesar IMT via Sohna Road. The discussions are still underway for extending the metro line and connecting it to Jaipur, Rajasthan, but it is quite early to quote this development.

The proposed ISBT Gurgaon is 10 minutes’ drive from Sohna Road. Some parts of Gurgaon are still inhabited by the locals making it difficult for expats to lead the way of living they choose to. While some parts are influenced by local residents and are in denial for development, other parts are extremely developed and posh to look for affordable houses in these areas.

Sohna Road and Southern Peripheral Road offer a value proposition where the cost of living is low but equally promises to provide a lavish comfortable life and connectivity to the rest of the city.

In the midst of all these, Ocean Seven Buildtech came up with its affordable housing segment that is OSB Golf Heights in Sector 69, Gurgaon. Here the real estate developer aims to provide a comfortable lifestyle at a reasonable price.

Best affordable housing project OSB Golf Heights is surrounded with many renowned housing projects such as Tulip Lemon, Spaze Corporate Group, etc. which are already constructed and families and corporate have started operating from these places. This project is outlined in 5 acres of vast land with 2 iconic and 3 regular towers. These units have an attractive design and are going to have 158 1BHK and 628 of 2 BHK.

The expected date of delivery of these homes are set to 4 years from the date of launch i.e. in 2022. There are two entries for this project. One is 24-metre-wide road and the other is a 60-meter-wide road from the west side of the project. It is 1 km far from Sohna Road keeping you away from the daily honking of air-polluting traffic and providing the resident with a peaceful stay.

Also, not to miss the really important thing for the families. That is a good educational institution for their kids at the safe and close vicinity.

This locality has two very renowned schools such as Indus World School and The Vivekanand School. These schools impart very good standard of education and many existing residents of this area have already their ward in these schools.

With all the facilities in just a stone throw distance, what else would an individual look for in a residential project, is it developing or developed!

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5 new cities to be developed along KMP expressway

KMP Expressway latest news

The Government of Haryana has planned to develop 5 smart cities in the state. These will be on the lines of Singapore city and will be on the KMP expressway.

This was announced by the Chief Minister during a press conference last week. The minister was highlighting the progress and achievement of his government since he came to power in 2014.

He also mentioned that Gurugram will become a super smart city and his government has the necessary funds to develop the city.

As per the minister, work on all the 6800 announcements that he made as CM are complete. And for the announcements made in 2018, the work will be complete next year. Further, he said that 166 points have been achieved out of the 175 points mentioned in his election manifesto.

He also added that before BJP came to power, corruption was rampant in the state and the previous government had kept itself busy with less important issues like transfers etc.

31 laws have been enacted in his tenure and many obsolete policies are done away with. There are plans to do more and outlay more funds towards health and healthcare for the people in the near future.

There has been a marked improvement in teachers posting, with almost 90% of the teachers getting postings or transfers to their place of choice or in their native towns. The introduction of online transfer policy has brought about a lot of transparency in recruitments.

Moreover, basic facilities that are on par with urban areas have been provided in rural areas. Villages, under the Seven Star Rainbow program, would be given ratings on the basis of facilities available.

As per the CM, most of the villages have already been rated close to 6 stars.


Source: http://www.newindianexpress.com/nation/2018/jun/29/five-new-cities-to-be-developed-along-the-kundli-manesar-palwal-expressway-1835666.html








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Confused to Choose Between A Builder Floor and A Multi-storey Apartment?

Builder Floor and Multi-storey Apartment

With a plethora of real estate property options available in the market today, young home buyers are spoilt for choice. Real estate investment is attracting a major pool of millennial to invest in the properties. But where to invest in?

Affordable housing projects, premium and luxe villas, multi-storey apartments or a builder’s floor? All these options can put you in a great pandemonium. In this customer driven industry, real estate developers are closely monitoring the needs and demands of the customers so that they can fulfil their demands.

A report published in one of India’s leading newspapers “The Hindu” states that about 60% of first time home buyers prefer multi-storey apartments over an independent builder floor. To understand the whole scenarios, we have to go step by step. Let us discuss these 2 types of properties individually.

What is a Builder Floor?

A builder floor apartments are generally referred to low-rise buildings with 2-4 floors and each floor has provision for an independent dwelling unit. This provision overtakes the requirement for independent villas or bungalows.

An individual residing in a builder floor gets a lot of privacy and the real estate property is regarded as a luxury. But there are a few problems and risks associated with builder floor. You get to live a premium society but the high maintenance charge has to be managed by the home owner.

The real estate developer will not be paying for the maintenance. Apart from that shared and common amenities will be missing in such residential complexes. Carry out an extensive research and thorough planning before you invest in a builder apartment.

What is a Multi-Storey Apartment?

A multi-Storey apartment is the typical residential apartment that we usually come across. One floor can be shared by 2 families or so. The best part of this apartment is that it is affordable. After PMAY initiative, many reputed real estate developers have started their projects under affordable housing scheme.

OSB Group is known for delivering high-quality affordable housing projects across the country and has recently launched OSB Golf Heights in Sector 69 Gurgaon which is the best affordable housing in Gurgaon.

Multi-storey apartments have many advantages such as availability of a lot of essential amenities, conveniences for the ease of the residents. Millennials prefer a gated community life and that’s what is provided in multi-storey apartments.

If you have to choose between these two options, a multi-storey apartment should be the one on any given day due to all the facilities that come along with the home. Builder floors are often a middle path followed by individuals who find villas and bungalows expensive and who doesn’t want to live in tall buildings.

But multi-storey apartments are quite feasible in the real estate market of Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, etc., In addition to this, if you choose to go with a multi-storey apartment, you will find a large number of options to choose from. And apartments have always more chances of a resale as compared to a builder’s floor.

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DLF to invest over Rs 1,400 crore in commercial project in Gurgaon

DLF To Invest In Commercial Projects In Gurugram

After getting an environmental clearance certificate from the Government,Real Estate King DLF Ltd is going to invest ₹1,400 crore for the development of a commercial project in Gurgaon to expand its office space by nearly 10 Lakh square feet.

In its new transit oriented development policy, The Haryana government has increased the floor area ratio. With these changes DLF applied for its development of increased built-up area in its ongoing Cyber Park project which is spread over in 12 acres of land.

As per the Official Document Published recently,

The approval from the Environment Ministry compliance with certain conditions and has given green signal for the expansion proposal made by DLF and taking into consideration of the recommendations of an expert appraisal committee.

Previously DLF had an estimate of ₹420 crores which now turned the minds of DLF to invest ₹ 1,400 crore to develop the Cyber Park project  According to the company they will now end up with leasable area of around 2.5 million square feet which previously had a rough figure of 1.7 million square feet.

This mega construction is to be located close to Cyber City, which has a lot of advanced stages where DLF has already took pre lease of about 60% of the area. The company has also bought another 12 acres of land in Gurgaon  for ₹ 1,500 crore to develop a commercial project, which will the company release its official Statement soon.

To monetise its rented commercial assets in gurgaon the promoters of the company recently sold 34% stake in DLF Cyber City for about ₹ 9,000 crore. India’s largest realty firm DLF has a commercial real estate of 3 crore square feet overall in Gurgaon

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The falling rupees paved a way to boom in realty Sales

 Reasons For NRIs To Invest In Indian Real Estate

With the surging dollars, the real estate segment in India is drawing the interest of foreign investors. The rupee has witnessed a dip of around 13.04% since the beginning of the year which attracted several Non-Resident Indian (NRI) to buy residential real estates in India.

The rupee has been rolled down by 6.20% in last three months. This depreciation in rupee against the currencies like UAE Dhiram, Dollar, and Pounds is pulling in large investments in the Indian real estate segment. The builders are also developing world-class projects with state-of-art amenities to attract the foreign investors. Bengaluru, Kochi, Pune, Chandigarh and Chennai top the chart as the cities where NRIs typically prefer to invest.

Indian real estate sector has always attracted the investors across the globe and with the new regulatory environment, the home buyers have regained the confidence to invest in the NRI centric projects.

The transparency in the real estate with RERA 2016 (Regulation & Development) Act, 2016, Goods & Services Tax (GST) and strict implementation of Benami Properties Act with amendments has aroused the interest of NRIs in the segment.

In year 2012, the property sales contributed by the NRI segment surged at 25% from usual 10% as the rupee witnessed a downfall by 17.37% between February to July during the same time. It has been considerable observed that whenever rupee experiences a steep depreciation against various currencies, the contribution of NRI investors in Indian Realty spikes.

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Various reforms introduced to the real estate sector in last two years leads to slow down in sales but with the constant fall in Indian currency have allured the NRI buyers to invest.

The year is expect to witness the same swing as it experienced in year 2012. Property prices observing a low by 10% to 15% together with currency devaluation adding another plunge by 10% to 15% makes the real estate segment a lucrative proposition to invest.


Source: The Economics Times

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Factors to Consider When Buying a Second Home

Buying a Second Home

Working in a different city miles away from your hometown, always reminds the employees to have an own home in the workplace city, so as many of the IT, e-commerce employees look for a second home mostly in the metropolitan cities.

To have an idea is great thing now, mandatorily and most important thing is that what factors has to be there to buy a second home

Let’s have a quick and brief reviews of the factors:

  • High loan Interest rates:
    Repaying your loan is never easy because at the end one will end up paying more money to the banks than initially took. This completely depends on the interest rate one is paying every month. So one should have clear knowledge on credit score and credit availability so that one avail a loan on the basis of credentials they get.
    Pros of this loan is that just like first home’s loan people will also get loans with tax-deductions ensuring that the second home will be regular time based use and not a guest house kind.
  • Choose payment options wisely:Loan repayments, if taken can be paid with a period range of 15-30 years. However, it completely depends on what someone can afford monthly installments. Fact is that A 15 year tenure repayments will come with higher monthly payments compared to 30 year tenure of repayments.
  •           Buying a Guest House isn’t that easy:Banks assumed that if a customer or a person who’s trying to buy a second home must already have achieved a financial status to afford lot of things. However, second housing buyers have must divide their income among their daily expenses and their secondary expenses such as previous home loans or miscellaneous loans.

Banks might ask the loan lenders for a breakdown of all his assets. With an average a credit score of minimum 725.

Rents: Having a rented second is always an option during financial crisis.

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So that one can file the appropriate taxes for any rental income. And obviously one should consult and hire an expertise of tax accountant for tax breaks & obligations with rental income opted people.

It’s always fine and better idea to have a second property which will remain worth it in the end for all your hard work

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5 Reasons Why Gurgaon is a better place To live than Noida

Why Gurgaon Is A Better Place To Live

National capital region most upgrading cities are definitely Gurgaon and Noida these cities have completely seen tremendous development. Both Noida and Gurgaon has been a real estate boom for many of the investors in the country especially DLF.

Gurgaon, the heart of Haryana state although planned on a sudden, has seen immense development  is at its best and the arrival of a large number of IT/ITeS, industries and shopping complexes and especially the ongoing Real estate sector all over the city proven results the city has been attracted a lot by the new investors as well. Whereas Noida, a city in Uttar Pradesh also proven one of the best in on going developments in India.

Hence in both these cities the share raised in the property and the value of land prices shooted up the graph and has been proven that the investors are filling profits in their pockets. With proven records and reports it is very difficult to judge what will be the better city amongst the two Gurgaon and Noida.

But, globally speaking Gurgaon tops the list in the country with highest profits to investors and taxes for government in the state compared to Noida. Although noida has vast area and better infrastructure as compared to Gurgaon, most of the MNC’S, IT’s, ITeS are likely to get settled in Gurgaon. Therefore the real estate sector serves and offers the best to people mostly in Gurgaon.

Let’s take a look on how Gurgaon the best city compared to Noida :

  • Global Destination and Development :

When it comes to Development and building new infrastructure such as skyscrapers, Rapid metro, public transport facilities, shopping malls and recreation centres.

Gurgaon is lot better although both these cities are rapidly growing in real estate. Most of the IT companies are here, so as employees from different states who has been working in them are desperate in need of a home, preferably in gurgaon. In Gurgaon most of the Indian and International IT companies got established also became the preferred destination for 50% of the top most Fortune 500 companies in the world.

  • Development in Infrastructure :

Although these cities have passed through humongous growth in the commercial and residential infrastructure. Gurgaon became the best preferred sector for skyscrapers, with the maximum support of the Haryana Government. Noida been planned with wider roads, water facility, better road transport and residential sector. It is still considered as a developing town with the sectors that laid out for residential sections and ongoing small Developments.

  • Civic Engagement :

Haryana city Gurgaon is far better and preferred for its entertainment venues, wide range of restaurants and pubs. The nightlife is lot entertaining and iconic for youth as compared to Noida. According to police reports and FIRs registered in last year’s, the crime rate in Noida is high, which is why most of the intelligent youth doesn’t prefer the city.

The shopping malls are more in number in Gurgaon, yet The Great India Place one of the biggest malls in the country, is situated in Noida. Mega and Ultra Luxury projects are available and are being constructed in Gurgaon which made it the best in living.

  • Health and Education Facilities:

Leading Hospitals like Apollo, Fortis, Medanta multi speciality hospitals are situated Gurgaon which made the city the leader in Health. Noida is behind Gurgaon although it has health care hospitals like Fortis, Max health, Kailash, Apollo. Noida tops in education concerns, Colleges like Amity, UP Technical University, MTU and many other technical and B-schools are established and running successful in Noida and is also known for one of the cleanest cities in India.

  • Domestic and International Connectivity:

Gurgaon has better connectivity with rapid metro and yellow line Delhi metro which Noida lacks in good connectivity. Just 15km away from Indira Gandhi International airport, Delhi it connects easily too many International tourists to the city

Having their own pro and cons side by side Gurgaon is far ahead as compared to Noida or greater Noida in prospective with real estate investors and buyers with open spaces and a lifestyle with easily obtainable. If some real-estate agent has to choose one among these with huge profits and boom, Gurgaon will be the first choice without second thought.

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Don’t charge GST for affordable housing Scheme: Modi Government

If you are planning to buy a new house in any part of nation under affordable housing scheme, there will be no charges of GST taken. This big statement made by the Modi government for helping the buyers and investors to purchase houses as according to their budget.

If you are worried about GST concept in buying procedure of new homes, then stay calm because if you are going to buy a new house under affordable housing scheme then there will be no GST charged said by Prime Minister of India.

How will this statement help investors to invest in affordable housing scheme?

This new will give better situations and conditions to all of the buyers who are seeking to buy houses under affordable housing scheme in Gurgaon or any other area. All buyers and investors will be happy after watching this statement because of this news certainly a cup of relief for every buyer s and investors who are looking forward to buying houses in affordable housing scheme.

  • Any of builders will not take  any charges of GST after this huge news offered by government of India
  • Buyers will put their feet more forward because of this brave move was done by this government
  • Buyers will think that they will make better property deals and can save their money form GST rules
  • This statement will enhance every investor to invest in affordable housing scheme for buying a new house

If you are also one of the buyers who want to buy new houses or properties but not buying because of GST charges, then this statement will increase your confidence to invest in affordable housing scheme for buying a new house.

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No GST will help investors to invest in affordable housing schemes:

After this huge statement everyone is talking about its impact on investors to invest in an affordable housing scheme, so here are some facts about this decision which you will love to read. If there will be no GST charges for buying homes affordable housing scheme in any part of nation then buyers will love to invest in this scheme.

  • Competition between builders will increase:

Yes because of this GST free statement the competition between buyers to get more customer for buying houses in affordable housing scheme will increase. This thing will help every investor to make some great deals of house buying.

  • Payment benefit to every buyer:

Without any doubt, there will be more benefits to every buyer in concept of payment because no GST charges will be taken by any builders.

This rule simply will help every buyer to think about investing in affordable housing scheme for staying away from charges of GST.

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