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One crore houses under Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana Gramin to be built by 2019, says Centre

India as a developing country, known for one of the huge areas of Construction fields in the world. The Economic Times News Paper had a word with the Central Minister of India at Rajya Sabha

Minister of State Developing for Rural Developing addressed that “The government has set a target for constructing one crore houses under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna-Gramin by 2019”, Honorable Minister also addressed that as per an all-India level estimate 4.04 crore rural people were found without houses under the scheme but later the Gram Sabha eliminated 1.37 crore people from the list, leaving only 2.67 crore such people, which is an achievement of the scheme and also a milestone in the country.

During the Press Meet, Minister Yadav said of the 2.67 crore houses, one crore will be built by 2019 while the rest will be constructed by 2022 without Fail.

The Former/ Erstwhile rural housing scheme – Indira Awas Yojana (IAY) of NDA Government has been restructured into PMAY-G with effect from April 1, 2016 of the BJP Government and is being implemented through state governments and union territories in India.

Minister Yadav also said that as of July 19, 2018 there is “A total of 42.56 lakh houses have been constructed” against the target of one crore. Which is a good boost up for the BJP Government

In reply to a supplementary in his State Development, Minister Yadav said a total of 16 lakh such houses were to be built in Bihar but could not be constructed owing to problems like shortage of raw material mandatorily sand.

Concluding the Discussion :

Minister Yadav said “Now the target has been reduced to construction of 11 lakh houses and the state government has given an assurance to construct these on a war footing.”

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The Rise of Sohna Road

Sohna Road: A New Growth Pole in Gurugram

A perfectly connected with National Highway-8 Sohna Road is the pride of Gurugram now. It is also called as South Gurgaon and count amongst the most prominent locations of NCR. It has already become the first choice of the big real estate players.

You can see many luxurious and prestigious Projects have already launched and many of them are coming up. This plush suburban locality has won the hearts of investors and turned up as their favorite and profitable investment destination. Sohna Road plays a vital role in giving a leg-up to the real estate business in Gurugram.

The nearby metro stations, access to Golf Course Road and well connectivity with all the basic amenities made this road a promising real estate hotspot.

In the latest report from CREDAI Sohna will be fully urbanized in next coming 7 years. Sohna and its vicinity area have already undergone different kinds of infrastructural development, security, public utilities and train connectivity.

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This is the reason it will soon come up as an urban center in NCR. New buyers get a good choice in apartments, plots, high-end villas at very affordable rates. Retail spaces and IT Park also enhance the value of this area and brighten the investment prospects.

Currently, it rises progressively on the live ability index and has a glimpse of an evolving growth. Thus because of its strategic location, Sohna road is now an axis of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional development.

Therefore, if you are a new buyer looking to buy your own house in Gurgaon or a heavy investor Sohna can be your final destination. You will be in the win-win situation if you buy or sell any project in this posh locality. Your investment here in anyways will appreciate and yield a good ROI for you in coming years for sure.



“Stay tuned with us for more hot real estate updates.”

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10 Booming Real Estate Markets That Are Trending In 2018

Real estate market has been extending at its full pace with a surfeit of sales in recent times. Sagacious people with their appreciable provident measures are becoming a part of the market. So, if you are one of them and going to invest, let us provide you with a laconic view of the market with 10 booming real estate markets that are trending in 2018.


With a low cost of living, erudite workforce, and high quality of life, Austin has been a great destination to invest. Around 2 million population with a surge of people looking for residents immensely improved the commercial real estate market.


Atlanta, home too many large corporations such as Coca-Cola, Delta, and Home Depot, is a most promising market to invest in. People have great jobs and ready to pay more for rent.


Known to be a global business center and the most affordable among the large metropolitan cities make it a top choice of many real estate’s investors.


Toronto has been a great place if you want to augment your investment without the risk of capricious market conditions. A myriad of people desires to live there, which bolstered up the demand and values of real estate assets.


It is the 28th biggest metropolitan city in the U.S and a fast-growing economic power in the Midwestern United States. The city has seen tremendous growth in real estate market due to the steadily growing population.


About to be the next New York due to the paucity of land and surge of growth it has seen during the last few years. Builders are left with a Hobson choice to build up and this makes the land a highly valuable asset.

Houston and Dallas

Limited available properties to invest and rental growth in class B and C products make it a reasonable destination to augment your investments.

Memphis, Tennessee

Low inventory in the area gives a rise to a bidding war on properties. The housing markets are going up sharply making the city a perfect place to invest.


There is an increase of 7% in home prices in the city. Arizona has been attracting people and companies seeking lower taxes and a salubrious business environment.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the Entertainment capital of the world because of Hollywood, is the only place unquestionably best to invest in real estate with high promising returns.

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Top 5 Best Benefits of Investing in Properties

We are living in a world where uncertainty is everywhere. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. Moreover, with the real facts like fluctuating economy, changing lifestyle, and day by day increasing costs, life doesn’t appear easier. At this stage, Investing in property sounds to be the best decision you can ever make in order to achieve financial security, freedom & success.

The sooner you decide to invest the greater benefits you’ll attain.

Reporting a number of richest people worldwide, today, I am providing this article that will make you familiar with some top advantages of Investment Property.

Top 5 Best Benefits of Investing in Property

  1. Financial Security

Today, the most crucial concern is ‘how to achieve financial security for the future?’ Property facilitates you with the opportunity to be ready for your financially secure future.

You must be very well aware of the fact that there is hardly any company that will support you after your retirement. With it, considering the continuous fluctuations in the stock market, you can’t rely on the super funds. Therefore, to ensure that your future remains safe when it comes to financial issues, you must take the step of investing in property.

Property offers:

  • Potential capital development
  • Instant return on the investment that you make
  1. Passive Income

Investing in positive cash flow property can assist you in making money almost instantly. Furthermore, it acts as a tool that can earn money for you even without demanding many efforts from your side. The funds you obtain in this way can be used for a number of things like paying your home loans, fulfill the demands of family, make more investments or more.

However, the rents keep on increasing over time but your expenses hardly change in value. Thus, the possibilities that your cash flow constantly improve with time are strong enough. The more funds (rent) you gain the higher will your passive income.

The ultimate goal of almost all of us is to be in such a financially strong position where really less hard work of investing in properties can comprehensively fund the lifestyle we desire. Interesting, right? What a great benefit it is!

  1. Ability to Use One Investment Property for Purchasing More

The hardest thing in relation to investing in property is purchasing the first one. After that, the benefits start coming quickly as you can use the income gained from the first investment property to make the down payment for your next investment.

This means you needn’t have to sacrifice your demands to save the next investment. Hope, you realized the hidden benefit that says – your first investing in property will aid you to purchase the next one.

  1. Your Own House to Live In

Investing in property facilitates you with an alternate house to live in at present or in future. As after retirement, almost all the people prefer moving to their own house, hence, investing in property that helps in getting such a suitable place proves to be the best option.

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  1. No Burden No Tension

This is the thing that all of you love about property investment & it says you will have a well-suited house without any burden or tension regarding payments. How nicest it sounds when someone else buys the property for you? Yes, the best ‘investing in property’ decision aids you to get a lovable land just by making 5-20 % down payment. Rest all the money will be provided by the banks.

This will offer the benefit of giving the purchased property on rent and then use the obtained income to pay the interest to the relevant banks.

Well, these are the marvelous benefits of investing in property. So, build up a right portfolio in order to be as successful as you desire.

Conclusion: Investing in assets like property is a great tactic to enjoy the aforementioned and many other benefits. Whether you are want to buy just a block of units or some vacation rooms for tourists, each will act as a ladder for your safe future. Hence, select the excellent option of investing in property to ensure a peaceful future by being prepared for the unexpected situations like unemployment or other financial issues that the future might bring.

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Invest in Affordable Housing to Reap Good Returns

Having one’s own house is one of the underrated pleasures in this world. The liberty and the freshness of living in one’s own house are unmatchable.

It’s not all about comfort and the lifestyle, also it’s about the security a safe environment for our loved ones. In short, it is the beautiful and secure place anyone can have.

The market of the real estate is growing quite expeditiously. More and more new ventures are coming out in the arena. And all this has led to the grown interest of the buyers in the properties and they are getting involved in the business of Affordable Housing.

How is the market going?

According to the recent trends, it is absolutely worth giving a chance in the market. Also the implementation of the GST and CGST has given the market a stable land. The way things have become easy for the real estate market is a worth mention.

The market is up for the new kinds of ventures, be it the affordable housing, open commons and other ideas for the people. It is in a good position to foster the new ways and tactics to give the investors a chance to invest in the real estate.

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What are the future prospects?

Well, in simple words, overtly optimistic. The market of the real estate is all up with the new schemes and ideas. The government also seems to be quite interested in developing a safer place for the investors across the board. ‘Housing for All by 2022’ is one scheme exemplary scheme, it simply shows up the best of the things one can get.

Increased focus on the housing will lead to a steep rise in the real estate economy. All this is sure shot to happen for a longer period. In all a great opportunity is standing ahead.

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OSB Group is offering 1 & 2 BHK Affordable flats Sector 69 Gurgaon

osb golf heights affordable sector 69 gurgaon

The Ocean seven Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. Company is providing some great deals to buy affordable 1 BHK and 2 BHK flats at sector 69 of Gurgaon. This project underlies in the affordable housing scheme started by Huda and latterly joined by the government of Haryana.

It is located on Sohna road which is one of the profitable areas where you can get exceptional location benefits along with major amenities. Total 5.4125 Acres area is under construction in this project, if you also want to know more about this area then follow the next paragraphs.

Basic detail of OSB Golf Heights Sector 69 Projects:

Sector 69 Sohna road, Gurgaon is a really profitable way for any investor to buy 1 and 2 BHK flats at reasonable prices. If you are willing to get more information about this project then follow the next table which is providing you all details of this project:

Particulars Details
Project Area  5.4125 acres (Approx)
Location       Sector 69, Sohna Road
Developer Ocean Seven Buildtech Pvt. Ltd.
Status Upcoming
Payment Plan As per HUDA Housing Policy
Price on Carpet Area 4000/SqFt and 500/Sqft Balcony
Overall Completion Time 4-years
Amenities 50% Open-Space, Lift, Community Centre

Why should you buy 1 BHK and 2 BHK flats at sector 69 Gurgaon?

If this question still is in your mind then you can know about some of the reasons which will help you to choose this area instead of others for buying 1 BHK and 2BHK flats.  You can follow next points which will clear all your doubts:

Better amenities will be offered at OSB sector 69 Gurgaon

At OSB Golf Heights sector 69 Gurgaon you will get you are going to get world class amenities which everyone wants to get in their flats, here is some amenities you are going to get at OSB sector 69 Gurgaon:

  • CCTV observation
  • Playing area for kids
  • Fire security system
  • 24/7 power and water supply
  • Supplementary parking facility
  • Elevators

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Because of all these amenities, you can think about to choose your dreamy living at OSB sector 69 Gurgaon.

Superior Location benefits at OSB Golf Heights sector 69 Gurgaon

  • Medanta hospital is not far away
  • Metro station is near
  • Local and general shops
  • Near to national highways

So for getting these kinds of amenities, you can think to buy affordable flats at OSB Golf Heights sector 69 Gurgaon.

About OSB Builders: 

The developers of this affordable housing project are one of the most reliable names in this same line, they had completed major projects instead of OSB sector 69 Gurgaon projects.

Because of all these features and amenities, you can also think about to buy a  flats at OSB sector 69 Gurgaon.

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Information about OSB Golf Heights sector 69 Gurgaon

This project of affordable housing is started by the OSB group which is famous for making better and useful housing areas for a long time.

This project is under comes in Huda affordable housing scheme, and also this project is issued by the government of Haryana.  You can collect more info about OSB Golf heights sector 69 Gurgaon in next paragraphs:

Details of OSB sector 69 Gurgaon:

This area of sector 69 Gurgaon is among one of the high profile areas, where you will get world class amenities at affordable prices. If you want to collect more information about this project of OSB sector 69 Gurgaon then you can follow this table:

Particulars Details
Project Area  5.4125 acres (Approx)
Location       Sector 69, Sohna Road, Gurgaon
Developer Ocean Seven Buildtech Pvt. Ltd.
Status Booking Open
Payment Plan As per HUDA Housing Policy
Price on Carpet Area 4000/SqFt and 500/Sqft Balcony
Overall Completion Time 4-years
Amenities 50% Open-Space, Lift, Community Centre


Things to know about payment plans at OSB sector 69 Gurgaon:

Unit Type Carpet Area (Sq. Ft.) Balcony Area (Sq. Ft.) Total Cost Application Money (5%) Allotment (20%)
1 BHK 1 360  86 14,83,000/- 74,150/- 2,96,600/-
1 BHK 2 362 86 14,91,500/- 74,550/- 2,98,200/-
2 BHK 1 574 98 23,45,000/- 1,17,250/- 4,69,000/-
2 BHK 2 565 99 23,09,500/- 1,15,475/- 4,61,900/-


List of amenities you can get at OSB sector 69 Gurgaon:

  • 24/7 power backup and water supply system
  • Better parking facility
  • Well-managed fired security system
  • Playing area for kids
  • Electrical lifts are there for you to use
  • Clubhouse area
  • Local general use shops

Location benefits you will get at OSB sector 69 Gurgaon:

  • Medanta hospital is very near
  • International school is just 5 minutes away
  • Metro station is not far
  • Connected to national highways

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These are the topmost things about OSB golf heights Gurgaon under affordable housing scheme Gurgaon. You can use upper mentioned info for knowing more OSB sector 69 Gurgaon.

Interesting things to know about OSB sector 69 Gurgaon:

  • This area is among one of the profitable areas of Gurgaon under lying the affordable housing scheme
  • This project is developed by OSB groups
  • This project is issued by government of Haryana
  • There will be a total 5 acres area is granted for making new flats
  • This area OSB sector 69 Gurgaon is well connected to some of the national highways, so prices of properties will increase at this area
  • Flat prices are starting from 4000 per sqft at OSB sector 69 Gurgaon
  • Payment plans will be according to Huda housing scheme

These are topmost things you can know about OSB sector 69 Gurgaon under affordable housing scheme.

For Enquiry: 9599933182

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Don’t charge GST for affordable housing Scheme: Modi Government

If you are planning to buy a new house in any part of nation under affordable housing scheme, there will be no charges of GST taken. This big statement made by the Modi government for helping the buyers and investors to purchase houses as according to their budget.

If you are worried about GST concept in buying procedure of new homes, then stay calm because if you are going to buy a new house under affordable housing scheme then there will be no GST charged said by Prime Minister of India.

How will this statement help investors to invest in affordable housing scheme?

This new will give better situations and conditions to all of the buyers who are seeking to buy houses under affordable housing scheme in Gurgaon or any other area. All buyers and investors will be happy after watching this statement because of this news certainly a cup of relief for every buyer s and investors who are looking forward to buying houses in affordable housing scheme.

  • Any of builders will not take  any charges of GST after this huge news offered by government of India
  • Buyers will put their feet more forward because of this brave move was done by this government
  • Buyers will think that they will make better property deals and can save their money form GST rules
  • This statement will enhance every investor to invest in affordable housing scheme for buying a new house

If you are also one of the buyers who want to buy new houses or properties but not buying because of GST charges, then this statement will increase your confidence to invest in affordable housing scheme for buying a new house.

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No GST will help investors to invest in affordable housing schemes:

After this huge statement everyone is talking about its impact on investors to invest in an affordable housing scheme, so here are some facts about this decision which you will love to read. If there will be no GST charges for buying homes affordable housing scheme in any part of nation then buyers will love to invest in this scheme.

  • Competition between builders will increase:

Yes because of this GST free statement the competition between buyers to get more customer for buying houses in affordable housing scheme will increase. This thing will help every investor to make some great deals of house buying.

  • Payment benefit to every buyer:

Without any doubt, there will be more benefits to every buyer in concept of payment because no GST charges will be taken by any builders.

This rule simply will help every buyer to think about investing in affordable housing scheme for staying away from charges of GST.

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Top 4 tips to invest in Dwarka Expressway

The business of investing in Expressways are becoming one of the popular ways to get some income within quick time, in that same case if you are searching to collect some information that can help you to invest in the southern peripheral way (called Dwarka Expressway) then you are on the best platform.

The value of the properties in this way will increase and it will be a good chance to double your amount at possession, so investing in this project right now can be a good choice.

If there is some confusion in your mind about affordable housing Gurgaon then, you can know the best 5 tips that will help you to invest in this expressway.

Profit of the better location:

The main thing you can know is that your investment will be in safe hands because this expressway is very close to the Delhi and IGI airport, these areas will ensure you that you will get the quality price of your investment.  Can Dwarka expressway is an ideal option for you to invest?

If this question is your mind then, stay assured about getting some major benefits of investing in this area for buying the properties.

  • Closer to the Delhi and IGI airport.
  • Surrounded by Tata Primanti, Flat cost approx. 2 Cr.
  • Near to border of Delhi and NH-8, also the metro station is not so far.
  • 5 km from Huda City center Metro Station & 800 meters from proposal metro.
  • 2 km to DPS and 5kms G.D Goenka School
  • The project exists on 75m wide road.

You can share these views with your family, friends or groups if they are interested to invest in the Affordable Housing Scheme under the project of Dwarka Expressway.

Indoctrination of better price benefits:

The areas of Sohna road in Gurgaon like sector 105, 106, 113 and others will be under public use soon, so for getting better price benefits of your investment, you can think about the Upcoming Affordable housing Gurgaon investment plans.

The chances of getting price benefits will increase with the passing of time, by knowing this fact you will be able to invest in the Dwarka Expressway.

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There will be a lot of conveniences for you if you do think about investing in this area, also if there are some doubts in your mind about this investment then you can think about the next points.

List of amenities:

  • The parking facility will be better in this area.
  • The much trusted area about the concept of electricity.
  • Walking tracks and sports courts will be there.
  • You will get much greenery and open areas for your comfort

These points can help you to know about the amenities that you will get if you do invest in the Dwarka Expressway. You will be aware of “High Returns with Low Risk is the Key” concept so don’t miss out this chance of getting more benefits.


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Ways to Invest in Gurgaon for buying New Affordable Property

If you are looking to choose any area in Gurgaon where you can get more benefits of your investment, then the following paragraphs will help you to collect that similar information.  There are many ways there for you which can lead you to invest in some of the professional areas of Gurgaon.

Investment in Dwarka expressway sectors of Gurgaon:

The area of Dwarka expressway and its surrounding localities is one of the best areas of Gurgaon to invest some money. This area is among one of the best profitable areas of big getting big investment benefits in Gurgaon or NCR region.

All investors who are waiting for the completing process of this Dwarka expressway can book their properties at nearby sectors of Dwarka Expressway.

  • Dwarka Expressway is nearby to many national highways
  • IGI airport is not so far
  • Metro stations are not so far
  • Hospital and medical services are not much away
  • This region is surrounded by some other major projects

Because of these kinds of facilities and location benefits, you can think about to invest in Dwarka Expressway area of Gurgaon without having any doubt in your mind.

Can you invest in south Gurgaon?

Sohna road area is also one of the worthwhile areas of Gurgaon right now, where you will get better living facilities and conditions. For the peoples who are affording to buy some property at the price rate of Rs. 45 lakh, the area of south Gurgaon is the best possible option in front of them.

You can think that you are going to take twenty percent of your investment here in south Gurgaon area.

  • Sohna road is connecting some major projects so an investment here can be a profitable deal for you
  • Areas and flats coming under south Gurgaon region are much secured and safe
  • You will get plenty of amenities in southern sides of Gurgaon
  • Location benefits will be all yours as all flats of south Gurgaon will lie on the Sohna road

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Because of these reasons, you can think about to buy some property or make some investment in south Gurgaon area without any hesitation.

Can you invest in Badshahpur, Gurgaon?

There is a horizon of three or four years for many projects or housing projects to be started here at badshahpur region of Gurgaon. The investors which are looking to buy some property in less payment, which can pay after 3 or 4 years, can choose this area of Gurgaon for investment. Areas or flats of the badshahpur will be connected via Sohna road to the Gold Course Extension Road of Gurgaon.

Using all upper mentioned information you can find any best area in Gurgaon for investment if you want to invest less and gain more than the listed upper areas and sectors will be best for you.

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