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Joyville Gurgaon home of future homes

shapoorji Pallonji Joyville Luxury Flats

Shapoorji Pallonji Joyville sector 102 is designed to provide the extraordinary luxury experience to its end user. Envisioned by Shapoorji Pallonji Real Estate company project is to give pure comfort and luxury. Below are the reasons why this project is specifically named as the “home of future homes.”

Advanced planning

The project is color inspired living project which covers more than 18 acres of developmental area. All the towers and their interior, exterior, parks, and other necessary structures are designed at the measurement of the latest technology and international standards. Even the planting in the park has some species of plants and trees which help control the pollution level of the area.

Luxurious amenities

As per the vision of developing company Shapoorji Pallonji Joyville Gurgaon is packed with all the exceptional tech amenities including swimming pools, high-speed lifts, and the outdoor gym. Parks with covered with a different type of park grass as per the requirements like playgrounds, meditation places, and senior citizen gatherings.

Spacious architect design

All the structures, towers, flats, parks, and streets are designed to give a spacious look to the observer. Even each room of every single tower has access to natural light and air. The open-air gym is something which suits health enthusiastic youth.

Full security

From well-trained security guard to advanced computerized reorganization system Shapoorji Pallonji Joyville Gurgaon Sector 102 holds everything to protect the habitants from any kind of threat or emergency like situations. All towers have the alarm systems including panic alarm system, fire alarm system and gas leak detector.


Including the roads like Dwarka Expressway and NH 8, place also connected with all other sectors of Gurgaon. Notable locations are just a few minutes distance away from the project including hospitals, schools, restaurants, and hotels.

We think that including its all advancement in concept whether it’s about design, architect or security all these facts prove that project is home of future homes in actuality. This project is something which Gurgaon was lacking. After its time a launch there are chances that this place will be the first choice of anyone who wants to live in Gurgaon.

There are 500 units to be sold which has the advanced interior fittings and fiber internet connection to make it a bit advanced in terms of the speed of the internet. You can go for any 2 BHK or 3 BHK apartments among these 500 units.

All these flats perfect suit you, if you are searching Huda Approved flats in Gurgaon to own a house at affordable rates.

How you can own a home in Shapoorji Pallonji Joyville Gurgaon

Sounds bit tricky? No, it’s not tricky or hard. Not in any situation whether you are concerned about your finances or the security of your investment. The Joyville project is best if you want to own future home.

If you still think that you are in a state of confusion then always remember that every problem has a solution. In your case, this is OPS Realty expertise. You can consult with the experts at the office time to get more information about this very advanced project of affordable housing.

They will explain everything including the details of location to checking your eligibility. What you have to do is just dial the given number, and you will get an immediate appointment.

You can also mail your query info@affordablehousinggurgaon.in

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How Affordable housing Gurgaon scheme can help you get your own house?

Affordable housing scheme in Gurgaon

Time is changed now, days are gone when it takes ages to take pride in saying “that’s my own home not rented one”. Buying a house was quite difficult for the middle-class families and the youngsters who want to own a small apartment instead of renting one to pursue their studies in the NCR cities like Gurgaon. The problem of housing did not seem to get a solution before the Affordable housing Gurgaon of Haryana government.

What is Affordable housing Gurgaon scheme?

Before taking it to a particular area or a city lets understand the term “affordable housing” first. This scheme is specially designed to provide a solution to the middle-class families with an income below the median household income. But the definition of this term varies as per the country and the conditions.

This scheme gained popularity, especially in developing nations. The common people of developing nations can’t buy houses at the market rates.

India is also a developing country, and the Indian government addressed this problem of common community with a low yearly income. With public-private partnerships well known as “PPP” authority of India tried to solve this problem. They got success in doing so. There are various measures through which one can get benefits of this scheme.

This scheme differs state to state. The Haryana government then launched the Affordable housing scheme Gurgaon so that middle-class people can buy low budget flats in Gurgaon.

Gurgaon is famous as “cyber city” because there are many multinational IT companies. The housing problem in Gurgaon was the biggest problem for the professionals who came from other cities and countries. This scheme came into the play and changed the game. 

How Affordable housing Gurgaon scheme can help you?

If your income status meets the requirements of the scheme, then you can apply for the subsidized flats. Many projects are being constructed through the affordable housing project in Gurgaon scheme.  You can apply for anyone for any one of them provided that you meet the conditions for getting these flats. 

Why “now” is the best time for getting low budget flats in Gurgaon?

The elected government had a vision of housing for all by 2022. In the budget of this year center government reduced the tax on the home loans for common class people. Technology development is also at its peak in this city which shows that shortly this will be the next Silicon Valley for India after Bengaluru.

Each sector of Gurugram shows a rapid speed in movement of growth in terms of connectivity, inhabitation, facilities like health and transport. Many startups of this city turned into well-reputed companies in last some years. In the coming time, the prices of the property in the cyber city will be more than you could though.


At the time of wrapping now we hope that you know everything you need to know about the Affordable Housing Gurgaon scheme and how you can get the low budget flats in Gurgaon.

If you wish to make things simpler, then you can ask for further assistance from the affordablehousinggurgoan.in. The team of experts has some gems of real estate consulting industry.

They have years of experience and satisfied numerous clients with their expertise in real estate and financial planning. They also have a sort of law experience which will help you in getting in fair deals.

So why are waiting, call them man!

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Why you should choose Gurgaon for buying low budget flats?

low budget flats in gurugram

If you’re looking for low budget flats in Gurgaon then affordablehousinggurgoan.in is a platform where you can get your dream house in affordable rates. Gurgaon has become the number one choice of real estate investors due to infrastructural development and technology emergence.

Every year numerous professionals, students and job seekers migrate to Gurgaon to get a better future. The demand for affordable homes in Gurgaon skyrocketed over the last few years.

We provide Affordable housing project through which you can find the most relevant place for you in terms of location, furnishing and all other factors which matter in buying low budget flats in Gurgaon.

We also help our clients in getting the flats with the aid of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. This government scheme gives a golden chance to own a brand new apartment in Gurgaon who are searching Affordable houses in Gurgaon.

Many big projects in this NCR area claims to be affordable but actually, the hidden costs finally make them non-affordable. They are using a great marketing strategy to get the buyers trapped. But our affordable housing projects like Signature global solera 2 Sector 107 Gurgaon new project are the ones on which you can trust and which do not include any extra charges without notifying the buyer.

Affordable housing Gurgaon provides every information to the buyer through which he can conclude whether his hard earned money is becoming a life-changing investment or not. You can check availability as well. The advanced feature of the affordable housing Gurgaon provides you the specific info of the flat and also tells you the location of the flat from other important places like road, hospital, and school.

Why you should invest in Gurgaon real estate market?

No matter you started earning money or planning the retirement investing your money in Gurgaon can be beneficial for you in all aspects. Down below are the facts which are showing that one must invest his money in this area of NCR.

  1. Gurgaon is the house of many giants of business and tech. There are many multinational business groups which are attracting more and more capital in the country and this forces the government to maintain the high standard of the location including transport, health services in the location.
  2. Many world class educational institutes are there which have a considerable number of students not only from the other parts of India but also from all over the world. These students can be the first customer of your newly purchased flat.
  3. Gurgaon is well connected through air and road and most importantly Gurgaon is just next to the Delhi the capital city of India.
  4. At this moment not in future Gurgaon has the world-class transportation services.

Above reasons prove that Gurgaon real estate has a great future. These facts also prove Gurgaon as the best place to live a quality life in terms of house and business or job. Buying a flat in Gurugram for making your own residence is also a great idea. Gurgaon has everything you need to live a great life including educated society, world-class schools and colleges, and the hospitals.

How you can buy low budget flats in Gurgaon?

Just call or email on the given email address and after that, a representative of affordable housing Gurgaon will contact you. You can also write your requirements, and the team of professionals will analyze them and communicate you with some most relevant data of the flats which you applied for.

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Investment in OSB Sector 109, Gurgaon: Good or Bad Decision?

Investment in gold and real estate has always provided fruitful results to the individuals. With the year 2019 starting off, have you also considered and rearranged your thoughts to invest in real estate for your future?

The timely investment will prove to be beneficial for you. With Gurgaon, coming up with a multitude of options for affordable housing, a potential or interested home buyer will be confused to choose a residential project and a locality that will best suit him as per his choice and preference.

Sector-109 Gurgaon is one of the best localities to live in Delhi NCR. Over the past few years, this areas has developed and emerged as an IT and industrial hub with many top and well-known companies located in the area and in the areas nearby Sector-109, which are namely, Sohna Road, Bahadurgarh, and Faridabad.

                Due to the emergence of IT and industrial hub, the area grew as a realty hotspot of Gurgaon. Many famous real estate developers have their residential projects located in Sector-109. One of the famous real estate developers, Ocean Seven Buildtech Group (OSB Group) presents OSB Expressway Towers Sector 109.

The real estate developers have provided many amenities for the convenience and ease of the residents. Amenities such as Swimming pool, rainwater harvesting, lift, parking slot for cars, Vaastu compliant, jogging track, 24/7 power backup, 24/7 security, retail and convenience store nearby, etc.

OSB Dwarka Expressway Sector 109 offers modern 1 and 2 BHK apartments, located 10 minutes from Indira Gandhi International Airport. A proposed metro station is coming up at only 5 minutes’ drive from OSB sector 109.

Choosing Sector-109 as a location for realty investment is a wise decision. This locality seamlessly connects with the major cities of Delhi NCR. And further connects Chandigarh and Rajasthan. The social and physical infrastructure of the area is rapidly developing.

Many prestigious educational institutes such as Xion Convent School, GRM Public School, Royal Oak International School, Holy Cross School, and The Maurya School are already located in the area. In addition to that, shopping malls, retail plazas such as the Kingdom of Dreams, PM Mall, MGF Mall, Appu Ghar, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary are also situated for the entertainment purpose of the residents of Sector 109.

Must read: Plans are made to connect routes of metro from Huda city center to Dwarka Expressway

Likewise, established banks and hospitals are also there to facilitate the basic everyday needs of the residents. Sector-109 is going to be connected with Dwarka Expressway, which will double the size of the current and existing National Highway-8.

Sector-109 is one of the latest developed areas of Gurgaon and as the city is constantly running short of space for commercial and residential establishments; such new areas are grabbing the attention of real estate developers.

Therefore, many new areas are witnessing a rapid increase in real estate business after the introduction of stringent policies like RERA and GST.

These policies somehow made the real estate developers to deliver the project on the said and promised date. And as an emerging city of India, Gurgaon has been under the radar of prominent real estate developers.

A recent report stated that the property prices in Dwarka Expressway are witnessing an upward trend which is a good indication for real estate developers and home buyers.

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5 Ways to Use Your Property for Rental Gains?

earn rentals on your real estate property

Turning home into a moneymaking property is a plan that every homeowner has. People who have an extra home may be because of inheritance also opt for rental property gains.

However, for any of these reasons, your home should be physically prepared and decked up. An appeal should be maintained to allure potential home renters to say yes to your home with just one look. Otherwise, it becomes a humongous task to find people who would choose your home to stay.

                Putting your property on rent to spruce up your financial life is what everyone does to come out of any debt spiral or to add an extra source of income. Having an extra source of income has not hurt anybody till date and is considered to be one of the foremost ways to save some money for your rainy days.

Listed below are 5 easy and fastest ways to use your property to earn rentals on your real estate property:

  1. Insurance

When you had purchased the property, you must have received a homeowner’s insurance. But that document alone is not sufficient for renting out your property. Therefore, update your insurance, a homeowner’s insurance policy for renters will prove to be quite helpful.

  1. Repairs

Check your home thoroughly and prepare a list of repairs your home needs. Make sure you prepare separate lists for minor and major repairs. Address the necessary repairing demands immediately.

  1. Upgrades

In addition to all that basic repairs and fixes, you can also remodel your home to jazz up it’s look and functioning, both at the same time. The internet is full of options if you want to carry out some minor and decorative ideas to uplift the entire atmosphere of your home. Take out some time, search the internet and explore ways to perform it.

  1. Property Manager

Now, you have to decide whether you want to hire a property manager or not. Their job will be to overlook your property, collect the rent, check and supervise maintenance, find new tenants if the current ones have given a notice period to vacate the house. Hiring a property manager can save you from the headache of all these struggles.

  1. Events

If you have a large farmhouse or a duplex that you want to rent out, you can always rent it out to people for events, shows, and concerts. Outdoor weddings have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. In this way, your property will be maintained and you will keep earning rentals over the year without any stress to find tenants.


Apart from all these tips and tricks for renting out your property, you can also think of buying a home in the affordable housing Gurgaon. Because a lot of people have been observed to buy a property here and later on they put it up on rent to families.

OSB Golf Heights is one such project that once can buy to rent out in the long run or one can treasure the property for their own use. OSB sector 69 offers modern 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments with an easy Time Linked Payment Plan. OSB Golf Heights Gurgaon is one of the best locations to invest in real estate in Gurgaon as the area is located in Southern Peripheral Road (SPR). A recent report stated that this locality has witnessed a 6% rise in property prices in the last 4 years.

OSB sector 69 Gurgaon is a budget-friendly option to go ahead with. The area is brimming with schools, hospitals, banks, restaurants, malls, offices and it shares easy and seamless connectivity with the major areas of Delhi NCR.

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Your New Address Amidst the Scenic Arawali Ranges

GLS Infratech is a well-known name in the real estate industry of India. The real estate group has received 23 awards and accolades for its outstanding contribution to the industry. With more than 25,000 happy clients, GLS Infratech has a mission to deliver affordable homes to people before the scheduled delivery time, which will boost happiness in the home buyers.

Economic homes for buyers with good quality construction material are their vision. The group has already built 2 million sq. Ft. of real estate developments in Delhi NCR and is in the process of adding 2.5 million sq. Ft. of more area to the list.

The real estate group has launched their recent project – GLS Arawali homes Affordable housing sector 4, Sohna, Gurgaon. The affordable housing project offers 2 BHK modern apartments in 2 different and stylish layouts to choose from.

Prices of GLS Arawali homes Gurgaon start from Rs.17.31 Lakhs and interested home buyers can also opt for an easy and convenient Time Linked Payment Plan, which is available for the suitability of the home buyers. Please note that this residential project is developed under HUDA Affordable Housing Scheme.

Residents will get 5 years free maintenance and bus shuttle service on possession of their apartments.

Let us talk about the connectivity and transportation part of the location:

  1. 5-10 minutes’ drive from world-class schools such as Ryan International School, G.D. Goenka, Delhi Public School, and KR Mangalam Pathways.
  2. 18 minutes’ drive from Rajiv Chowk
  3. 20 minutes’ drive from Medanta Medicity
  4. 20 minutes’ drive from Golf Course Road
  5. 20 minutes’ drive from HUDA City Centre
  6. 22 minutes’ drive from IFFCO Chowk
  7. 40 minutes’ drive from Indira Gandhi International Airport

GLS Arawali homes Sohna Gurgaon offers a host of amenities to facilitate the needs of the residents such as security personnel, lift, power back up, children’s play area, rainwater harvesting system, visitor’s parking area, multi-purpose hall, a gated and secured community, and CCTV Surveillance for the safety of the residents.

South of Gurgaon is the most sought-after realty hotspot of Delhi NCR in terms of capital appreciation and rental yields, keeping in mind the current statistics and figures.

The residential project is located with the Arawali ranges in the backdrop, which means residents can enjoy the view of a picturesque setting at the comfort of their own home.

Moreover, residents will stay away from the polluted and daily humdrum of the city. Right amidst nature, residents can enjoy and truly cherish a life that most people who are living in the city are devoid of.

Sohna Road is also hugely popular as Greater Gurgaon, and as an emerging suburb of Gurgaon, the area shares seamless connectivity with major and significant areas of Delhi NCR and will also be connected to proposed metro stations, which will further ease the method of connectivity of the residents.

Booking Open GLS Arawali Homes, Sector 4, Sohna, Gurgaon, Contact: 9625205954

Being a popular suburb of Sohna, Sector 4 is replete with many world-class educational institutes, hospitals, banks, ATMs, and restaurants.

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Agrante Kavyam: Your Next Adobe for a Peaceful Life

Located in one of the most coveted areas of Gurgaon, Agrante Kavyam is in Sector-108. If you are a potential home buyer who is searching for 2 BHK Flats on Dwarka Expressway, Sector 108, then your search might end here. Because Agrante Realty Limited has a legacy of 20 years in the real estate industry.

This real estate company has successfully delivered 12 projects within 8 townships. Apart from that, it has also created a milestone by delivering intelligently designed 5000+ units of flats with immense success.

 Agrante Affordable housing Gurgaon is spread across 5 acres of land and offers 50% open area for the convenience of the inhabitants. The 2 BHK Affordable Flats in Agrante sector 108 are designed in 3 different layouts with an ultra-modern design, which gives potential home buyers different options to choose from. The residential project is RERA approved and shares proximity to Indira Gandhi International Airport and Delhi Airport.

As Agrante sector 108 is developed under HUDA affordable housing policy, home buyers can also receive a subsidy on interest under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. And people can also avail 90% of the loan from major and leading banks of the nation. Interested homebuyers can also opt for the Time-Linked Payment Plan that is available.

The residential project offers spacious apartments housed in earthquake resistant structure and amenities that individuals can benefit from. Amenities which are available at Agrante Kavyam sector 108: Crèche area, 24/7 water supply, 24/7 power backup, meditation and yoga area, garden with lush greenery, jogging track, fire safety alarm with extinguishers, parking area, 24/7 hi-tech security with CCTV surveillance, gated community, gymnasium, clubhouse, lift and children’s play area.

The location of the project provides easy and convenient access to all the major road networks of Delhi and Gurgaon. A proposed metro station is just 5 minutes away from Agrante sector 108.

The area is surrounded with many reputed affordable housing Gurgaon projects as it directly links Manesar, Dwarka, and NH-8. Even Gurgaon railway station and bus stop are nearby, which will provide hassle-free access to the residents of Agrante Kavyam sector 108.

Invest in Dwarka Expressway as the prices of the property in that area are expected to rise and industry experts have claimed the same too. When you have an option to choose an affordable housing project in one of the prime locations of Gurgaon, and then do not take a backseat.

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Book your dream home right now and relax. The area comes under Gurgaon-Manesar Master Plan-2031, which will improve the physical and social infrastructure of the area rapidly.

Many famous and prestigious educational institutes, health care and retail centers, shopping malls, and entertainment venues are in Dwarka Expressway. For the ease and comfort of home buyers, Agrante Realty Ltd. is providing good quality waterproof doors, branded sanitary fittings, proper ventilation facility, ISI marked electrical fittings for the safety, fireproof wiring, rainwater harvesting system, and vitrified tiles on the floor.

With free maintenance for 5 years, Agrante Kavyam Sector-108 Gurgaon is one of the best affordable housing projects of Gurgaon that one should opt for.

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Predictions of Real estate in 2019

It’s not an easy task to predict the present uncertain real estate market in India. It’s also not simple to find the ratio between potential buyers and sellers. As in 2019, many forces will pull this market back and forth which includes government policies, 2019 polls, the declining trend in the current ruling government.

We can’t precisely say that where the trend will be in 2019. Experts have different opinions considering major policy revival through the introduction of GST and RERA. There are also some amendments proposed for revising GST policies for under construction apartments.

Modi Government’s mission for “Housing for All” was a driving force after demonetization; however real estate market hasn’t fully recovered from the impact.

Real estate companies are showing more trends towards “Affordable Homes” despite luxury apartments past 2017. Also, through the integration of RERA, real estate frauds are declining and show a positive response from potential buyers.

Government orientations towards infrastructure growth have included sub-cities into the market. Real estate companies took this opportunity to offer facilitated property at an affordable price to buyers. New construction of roads and railway networks converted un-organized land into potential sites for upcoming projects.

Below we listed a few positive and interesting fact on the Indian real estate market as in 2018.

  • The net unit sales have been increased by 25% as compared to the first half of 2017 in major cities.
  • Housing for all and RERA pushed the new players into the market thus increased overall rise in new launches all over India.
  • New project launches steeped upward from 38,324 units in the last quarter of 2017 to 42,975 in second quarter 2018.
  • As per the report by Knight Frank showing 46% new launches and increased sales by 3% compared till the second quarter of 2017.

In Delhi/NCR, thriving masses to find jobs and new opportunities resulted in higher demands which also trigger good deals between supply and demand.

Gurgaon affordable housing is capped @ Rs. 4000/sqft. On the carpet area and we didn’t see any increase since 2017.

In India there is a continuous rise in lifestyle, people are rapidly moving from middle class to upper middle class. With a higher GDP and lower inflation rate, we see quick growth in the middle class who are expected to go for affordable housing. There is an estimated 70% growth in the number of individuals having a net worth of $50 million.

The overall real estate sector shows positive growth and likely to be a better option for investments in 2019. Housing for all till 2022 is still a driving force in this sector which is more focused on the middle-class group.

As per experts, Indian families are rapidly moving from lower class to middle-class group which will also add new potential buyers into the market.

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Plans are made to connect routes of metro from Huda city center to Dwarka expressway

Delhi Metro planned to expand transportation convenience to Gurugram commuters. According to DMRC Phase-IV, is planned to provide last mile connectivity to housing hubs in Gurugram. Estimated completion deadline is set for 2022, the construction work was expected to lay the stone in 2017. But the project faced delay due to delay in approvals from the Delhi Government.

GMDA (Gurgaon Metropolitan Development Authority) will be responsible from Haryana Government for successful completion of the project and its future expansions. GMDA will be responsible for sketching the routes depending on survey and analysis.

DMRC Submitted feasibility report to Haryana Government on October in which they suggested two feasibility routes-

  1. A long route from Gurgaon Railway Station to Dwarka Sector-21 estimated Rs. 5491 Cr.
  2. A short route connecting Huda City Centre to Gurgaon Railway Station estimated Rs. 2751 Cr.

Also, Haryana Government’s cabinet led by the Chief Minister has approved DMRC proposal for extension into Kundli in Sonepat District at an estimate of Rs. 1210 Cr.

Proposed planned routes and stations


Phase 1: HUDA City Centre to Gurgaon Railway Station

Huda City Centre -> Sector-48 -> Sector-46 -> Sector-47 -> Shubhas Chowk -> Bahrampur -> Hero Honda Chowk -> Udyog Vihar-6 -> Sector-37 (Pataudi Road) -> Sector-10 (Basai Road) -> Sector-9 (Dhankot Railway Station) -> Gurgaon Railway Station

Phase 2: Gurgaon Railway Station to Dwarka Sector-21

Huda Road -> Sector 4/5 -> Ashok Vihar -> Palam Vihar -> Sector-23 -> Sector-111 -> Bijwasan Border -> Bijwasan Railway Station -> Barthal -> Dwarka Sector-21.

According to the auditor of GMDA, Mr. K C Sharma there will be additions of sectors of Dwarka expressway that includes sector 101 and sector 104 in phase 1 of DMR.

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Should You Invest in HUDA Affordable Housing Scheme?

Affordable housing has become the buzzword of the real estate industry in recent years. With the implementation of an affordable housing scheme in the nation, different cities have different allotted areas for affordable housing projects.

In a recent media meet, Haryana Housing Minister, Krishan Lal Panwar, said that about 400 acres of land have been used for the construction of houses.

These land banks were under Town and Country Planning Department, Urban Local Bodies Department, and Haryana Shehri Vikas Pradhikaran. He further quoted that the state government has the scheme to construct about 1,700 flats for people belonging to BPL category in Gurgaon. And for this scheme, they have already received 2,500 applications.

Therefore, it can be said that the state of Haryana has been a major contributor to the success of the affordable housing scheme under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Housing for all by 2022).

However, why should one invest in HUDA affordable housing scheme? What are the benefits of investing in the affordable housing scheme?

Let me answer these questions one by one. First, I will answer why one should invest in HUDA affordable housing scheme?

  • Houses bought under this scheme are comparatively cheaper than the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) flats.
  • Locations of these affordable homes are strategic.
  • One can resell the property after a year of possession.
  • The carpet area will help buyers to save 25-30% of the prices as compared to DDA flats.
  • People who are working in the outskirts of Gurgaon, like Sohna Road, Hisar, etc.,

Second, what are the benefits of investing in affordable housing of HUDA? There are numerous benefits of investing in such projects. An individual looking to buy a home gets a wide range of choice for affordable homes offered by prominent real estate developers.

For example, Agrante Kavyam, Sector 108, developed by Agrante Realty offers 2 BHK affordable flats on Dwarka Expressway Sector 108. The residential project also offers excellent amenities for its potential residents. The location of the project shares proximity with major and important places of Delhi NCR.

Agrante Sector 108 is only 15 minutes away from Indira Gandhi International Airport and to a proposed metro station. This ultimate place of abode offers its residents a peaceful and tranquil environment for a life away from the chaos of this fast-paced life.

Excellent lifestyle amenities such as hi-tech security, complete firefighting, and fire alarm system, car parking and visitor’s parking, 24*7 power backup is available for the common or shared area, 24*7 CCTV Surveillance for the security of the residents.

But why should you actually buy Agrante affordable housing Gurgaon? 2 BHK affordable flats Agrante Sector 108, is RERA registered and it demands no extra charge for maintenance for the next 5 years. and the best part is a potential home buyer has to pay the amount per size of the carpet area. Spread over 5 acres of expanse land, Agrante Kavyam Sector 108 Gurgaon, will have 8 towers and will house 723 apartments.

The affordable housing market is flooded with numerous other options that one can opt for if one wishes to live in a good locality. Moreover, a wise investment also yields in higher returns. Hence, while choosing your home, keep a few things in mind and always make an informed decision.

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